Tired with a capitol T

Is very much how I feel tonight, 10 days of getting up before 5am to start networking my Crowdfunding Project, work on exhibition quilts & start designing the commissions in the order book (which don’t really need to start in production until end of september, but I like to doodle when inspiration hits) and working on other wee bits and pieces which I can throw out into multiplatform networking to bring attention to what i can do & my crowdfunding project.. its starting to take its toll, my average day at the moment is 4.45am to almost 12pm & somehow I need to increase that, or even better, attract some media attention to help get my project out there. Theres only so much one woman working alone can achieve.

Anyhoo, todays on the desk photo… whole cloth just starting

chipping away at it, this pic was taken a good few hrs ago so its already very different. It’ll be coming to Crovie with me to demonstrate the whole gorgeousness of wholecloth quilts.

If perchance you happen to know any journalists that dont think quilts are just mere handmade things from scrap fabric and would like to give my project a punt.. send them my way please..


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