Once more to the binding pile

It grows… its like a can of expanding foam at the moment..

completed cot quilt

Irish linen cot quilt is now finsihed & halfway through binding, its absolutely gorgeous if I may say so, its not often I stand back and look at a finished quilt & think “well gal, you just blew your own socks off” but this one did it. Its had a hanging sleeve attached to the back & it’s gonna come do a few exhibitions with me )

Next up…

its a bit cryptic a mo..


aside from the middle, which is only 1/3rd done… I have no idea whats going to happen on this one, these things decide themselves as the process goes along, there will however be stars, and possibly some flowers with ivy leaves & tendrils…

Crowdfunding news  Another day of nothing happening, frustrating, yes, but its sunday & I did opt to concentrate more on exhibition prep today as time is racing onwards.

Anyhoo early night because I had such a strong design in my head last night that at 1am I found myself up and drawing away in the doodlebook ! One is kinda sorta tired )


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