Zen Quilting….

Thats what we did today after the very early morning round of multi platform networking, and it seems to be a work – networking ratio that works in that it satisfies the drive to get the crowdfunding project out into the world, and I also get time to really concentrate on setting myself up well with my customer for planned future order work.

Today I worked white on white for a large commission, stunning block and its coming together very well indeed


Really very pleased with this so far, still the corners to do but finished on it for the day to allow my head time to sloooww down with the endless run of designs it throws at me and just flick through them at a more relaxed pace until, ding, thats the one. As is oft the case, i’ll wake up at 4.45am knowing exactly what is going on those corners, told ya im a morning person !

After that, its on to marking out on a massive irish chain quilt I did last year for ME !, its been sitting in the quilt it pile since constantly being passed by in favor of competition pieces, exhibition pieces or even just sample pieces. Enough, this quilt as GIANT areas of void space on it just crying out for a proper quilting job followed by getting someone to come and take decent photos of it so it can go in the quilting portfolio, im probably looking at a good solid 2 weeks worth of quilting (penciled it in for late september post Crovie exhibition) but its the first quilt ive made for myself in years. Its waited long enough.  SO tomorrow it will be spread out and templates drawn up, with pins & notes placed where I want designs to start/end/merge/backfill etc,


Doesnt look all that exciting at the moment but thats the point, it was made so that the design on the quilt complimented the quilting instead of the quilting complimenting the design.

Anyhoo, Crowdfunding news, despite our best efforts all morning, our total didnt budge one single £, until the afternoon when the mail brought a cheque as payment for tickets and a visitor came to the house for tickets.  And then in the evening a chance conversation with Sewing Online ended with the biggest retweet ripple we’ve had yet & the project being tweeted out to all sorts of textile related professionals and media personnel, could this be the lift we needed ? only time & a return to the working week will tell.


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