The dance continues !

As my crowdfunding project made it to the 14% mark !

I’ve also been lucky enough to meet via social media today, some great folks who have been through the crowdfunding process so had a lovely long chat about the ins and outs. We’re almost at the 15% mark, it tends to be that moving from 15 -65/70% is the hard part. I had already prepared myself for this as by the time I hit 11% I’d already used up all of my own social contacts & started braving some emails to large localish businesses. So im prepared for having to up my game, expand on my networking, enlarge my reach, make use of every conceivable #tag on twitter/facebook etc. Online friends have generously offered to retweet & share my networking and I have to say that without them, I’d have far less of a voice.

And my mother fussing over me, making sure I eat/drink/take a break regularly, she’s battling cancer but shes still the absalute core of my support network, she is the gears behind my drive, there is nothing she wants more than to see me succeed at this.

It was a long day today, but it was a good un, I networked less, but talked more with experienced people, finished up on 2 quilts & began planning the next two, the september exhibition isnt far away so the pressure is on to keep up the long days for a while yet.

And so, at almost 12pm.. to bed, 5am start again tomorrow & hopefully with sunshine )



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