twice the reason to wear a smile today

Nay Thrice the reason !

NO 1…. All churned up has been quilted & is having its binding hand stitched into place before it too heads over to my crowdfunding project page and becomes the 2nd quilt in the draw.


Quilted rather funky, I banned the use of rulers & measures & quilted it all out of kilter to match the churning up of the block placement.

no 2….. my crowdfunding project has surpassed the 12% mark !

No 3… our idea to also sell draw tickets locally was awesome, these allow people just to buy a ticket & every 2nd day I upload the funds raised into my crowdfunding pot.  The take up on these has been great, we’re reaching tourists & locals that we just wouldnt reach over social media, and unlike social media people are actually taking the time to read the flyers and see what its all about, the support from local crafters has been fantastic & local quilters are already enquiring about my planned custom quilting service and the free motion quilting workshops/lessons. This is making it so much easier to cope with the endless head meet wall senario that hours of networking over social media is met with. This is proving my market is out there waiting for me to get myself equipped with a capable machine.

And a freebie No 4…. An outpouring of vocal support from crafters all over the uk who also resent being referred to as *just a deadbeat crafter*  We are a highly skilled workforce, its high time we started to get seen as this.

Today has been a very good day indeed.


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