This is a very important blog post !

Because in this, I just want to take a moment to say a great huge “Thank you !” to all of those who are supporting my CrowdFunding Project You are, for me, making the world a far more exciting place full of prospect & aspiration. All I have ever wanted is the chance to excel at what I do, to make a name for myself, create MY little bubble in this world, to get my name out there and scream “This is what I can do !” You guys and gals are making this a reality. This career jump won’t just be life changing for me, it’ll be life changing for all of us, if together we can make this happen then…

I can do more to support my children and my grandson.

Our youngest two CAN have that chance to go to university in the next 5 yrs.

The financial security we will gain will mean we CAN think about building a house instead of renting & I CAN have that perfectly planned studio space.

I CAN go out there and establish myself as a quilt artist, which will open doors to having my books published,  setting up a website and being able to afford the software to have my patterns converted into a downloadable form.

I CAN increase the amount of teaching I do & share my skills with so many other people, after all 50% of having a skill is sharing it.

You guys & gals Rock !! You give me the hope I’ve been trying to find for the past 10yrs.


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