Deadbeat, scrounger, worthless, useless, get a job

All the above were thrown at me at various times throughout the day as I plugged onwards trying to network my crowdfunding project, and not for the first time either.

Well frankly my dear, I just don’t give a dam..

Deadbeat…  look honey go back to watching Jeremy Kyle ehh

Scrounger … Excuse me… and which point did you see me asking for something for nothing ? I whupped my ass off creating a quilt that I’d othewise market at well over £1000 & im busy working 18hrs a day on 3 more.

Worthless … Well someone has to think that so it may as well be you..

Useless …. budd if I were useless.. I wouldn’t be able to create quilts as good as I do )

Get a job …. Try it yourself ! or perhaps your far to happy tuned into Jeremy and his endless bullshit topics.  Tried to get a job multiple times, there are none that fit with the most useless bus timetable and school hours, but hey, im happier doing what I do than doing what you do.

The wonderful world of social media, at times its an eye opener.

Anyhoo, today I am absolutely shattered, I have been working on quilts since 5am this morning, its now gone 9.30pm and ive still a few hrs to do yet. Its been a good day though, I locally advertised some free motion quilt workshops requesting a crowdfunding pledge instead of a fee & there’s been such a good take up on it that I’ve got 6 ladies coming round for morning or afternoon sessions, all of them the same as me & totally distraught that our local quilt shop where thousands of local quilters hired the long arm machine, and another machine locally, were closing down as hires, the quilt store machine going back to houston with the owner, the other hire machine has been privately purchased and is no longer for hire. Our nearest option now to long arm quilt anything is Dundee & we’re in Aberdeenshire. Huge market at my fingertips for both hire & custom quilting if only I can get a machine and get tapped into it.


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