Big problems lead to big jumps

Yesterday was a day of tears, not just the odd one or two but great rivers full of tears…  My loyal and trusted 15yr old Husqvarna viking sewing machine has decided enough is enough, we were 3/4 through our final project together, aptly named The Final Fling, when the tension units gave out & we plunged from this

Final Fling

To this

Ohh dear oh dear oh dear

Over an hrs focused work removed in less than 2 minutes. Numerous attempts to fix the tension units ensued but to no avail, alas I was and still am, a very sad quilter.

The support I received from friends, my parents and my children was overwhelming as they all encouraged me to give a crowd funding project a go & see if it could help me make a huge career move and turn my sewing into my lifestyle and so my crowd funding project was born. and I shall use this space to journal the journey as we travel along the next 8 weeks.


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